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MSP How to be Cool

----------------) This video isn't mine. But watch it if you dare!!

Do you wanna be cool? Are you looking like a loser? Did  you put swag in your username and even though you dont look swag? I can fix your problem! My name Jimmy Carson. My user on MSP is Palmteal. Listen to my steps and in a few hours you'll be cool!

1. Get cool clothes and cool hair.

2. Get a girlfriend. Dont be married.

3. Be swaggy and get vip.

4. Save your money on msp to buy the things you want.

5. Be nice to others. Get greets from others!

6. Get alot of VIP friends and you might get Celeb even if you never been VIP.

7. Have fun. 

Pump is awesome. To also be cool, when your righting your status update this what you wanna say. I'll give you an example.

♦Team Pump!♦ ♥LovingAVA♥ ♣Porter♣ ♠New Movie♠ Have a good day! So you might wanna wright that in your status update to be cool. If you  the msp hacks to get more money, dont do them! I got tricked.